How One Orlando Vegan Real Estate Investor Explodes His Performance

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In life, you often have to work on what lies below the surface. Or I heard a wise man once say that the fruits we see popping up around us, come from the roots below.

That is the experience which will be shared here.

A long while ago, but not too long ago, I was eating junk. And my real estate business was suffering because of it. Was I selling houses? Of course I was!

The agents around me were selling too. Then one night I was eating potato chips and watching TV, and a vision hit me. If I was doing so well, why did I feel a struggle? Shouldn’t there be total freedom if I’m doing GREAT?

That question sat on my brain for days.

Then I started looking at my energy level. My business system was working. But my body wasn’t. I realized that my energy level was a problem and so was my focus. So I started changing my lifestyle.

First came exercise, and then diet.

As you guessed it, veganism was the road I chose!

My real estate business, both as an agent and an investor hasn’t been the same since – it has grown and grown and grown.

  • This is my story.