Rollins College Area — College Park Houses


Rollins College has a great-looking campus, with plenty of good-hearted students. It’s a private school with a pricey annual price tag. To us, it was not a selling point for relocating to College Park Florida houses. Having a college nearby actually dissuaded us from investing in the community, no matter how beautiful.

In particular, for us, the prices on the homes were much less appealing because of it. And, therefore, we were less willing to go past the one-million-dollar marker to relocate to the neighborhood. It is surely very beautiful and visually appealing. It’s just not for us.
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Loving Baldwin Park Florida Houses


There is so much to do in Baldwin Park Florida that it is hard to think that I ever wanted to live anywhere else. The great news is that I was able to find so many wonderful houses that it was hard to choose where to live in this delightful town.

Orlando itself is a gem, even among all the great places to call home within Florida. Baldwin Park is like the cherry on the cake, especially because we have a family with younger kids. We all enjoy going to Disney World regularly and have the luxury of returning home every night thereafter.
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Finding Altamonte Springs Florida Houses


Altamonte Springs Florida houses is not as challenging as I first thought. We were all gung-ho about moving there. Then I had months where doubts overtook my mind.

As it turns out, we met some great house builders and were able to largely get a custom home that met all of our needs. After all, it is why we work so hard. We look forward to the sunshine, the new neighbors, and enjoying spending our lives the way that we had always wanted to for years. Our retirement is so bright that we have to wear shades.
Fast Orlando Florida Vegans House

How One Orlando Vegan Real Estate Investor Explodes His Performance

my life

In life, you often have to work on what lies below the surface. Or I heard a wise man once say that the fruits we see popping up around us, come from the roots below.

That is the experience which will be shared here.

A long while ago, but not too long ago, I was eating junk. And my real estate business was suffering because of it. Was I selling houses? Of course I was!

The agents around me were selling too. Then one night I was eating potato chips and watching TV, and a vision hit me. If I was doing so well, why did I feel a struggle? Shouldn’t there be total freedom if I’m doing GREAT?

That question sat on my brain for days.

Then I started looking at my energy level. My business system was working. But my body wasn’t. I realized that my energy level was a problem and so was my focus. So I started changing my lifestyle.

First came exercise, and then diet.

As you guessed it, veganism was the road I chose!

My real estate business, both as an agent and an investor hasn’t been the same since – it has grown and grown and grown.

  • This is my story.